2022 Vision board recap

This is really late but before I shared my 2023 vision board I wanted to share a recap of my 2022 vision board.

My theme for the year was, My Happiness, and while I do think I definitely made that a priority for the year I still feel as if there were times I put others’ thoughts and feelings above to keep the peace. So for this, I will say I did accomplish this goal 78% but could have done better at speaking up.

Career: I secured an internship which was a whole process. Definitely go back and read Internship Struggles and The Internship From Hell to catch up on that situation.

My health: I discovered I wasn’t allergic to gluten so I didn’t have to cut that out of my diet and I definitely did not work out much which I am attempting to fix this year, keyword attempting.

My mental health: I definitely made this a priority and focused on cutting things out of life that gave me anxiety. I worked on calming my depression and even got on anti-depression and anxiety meds.

Traveling: Although I didn’t make it to two countries, I did make it to one of my top locations, Ghana and that was such an amazing experience.

2022 overall was a good year for me and 2023 will be even better.


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