2023 Vision Board

Yes, I know it’s April but I still wanted to share my vision board for 2023

This year I have 5 main focuses:

Consistency: this year I want to be more consistent. I have always struggled with sticking to things like a routine and this year I want to work on sticking to routines, even posting on here and social media and journaling. I also want to take risks which I feel requires consistency.

Letting go: an issue of mine is that I have a hard time letting go and not caring about things. This year I want to focus on letting things go and just simply saying fuck it and not caring about what people may think or say. I want to not take what people say to heart and go about my business. I also want to get more relaxed and get in touch with myself.

Growing my wardrobe: this may be stupid to have on a vision board but I want to grow my wardrobe by also shopping with the intention of only buying pieces I know I will wear over and over again. I want to prioritize quality. I am definitely not going to overdo it with the shopping but I want to put some thought into my closet.

Traveling/Going out: This year I want to travel even if it’s not out of the country I want to leave NJ and travel. I already have a trip to London booked (graduation gift) and I hope to go to Ghana at the end of the year but I want to have mini adventures in between. I want to just have more fun this year.

Social life/Dating: I want to have more of a social life this year. I want to make more friends and just become more social. Although it’s not a priority, I want to start dating this year (we will see lol)I’m definitely not taking this seriously.

The theme for this year is FUN. This year I want to prioritize just having fun and taking every day at a time. I want to not let work get in the way or my social anxiety get in the way. This year is all about having fun, which can mean so many different things so I won’t define it but it’s this year’s theme.


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