2022 Vision board

The first thing I did the day after I came back from vacation was make my vision board. Even though it was already a few days into the new year,t his year it was important to me that I had a visual representation of all I wanted to accomplish this year and I thought I would share it here.

Last year was super difficult for me and any chance I can get to make this year better I will take it.

instead of going into depth about each item, I’ll summarize the general concept of my vision for this year:

This year I want to focus on four main things,

My career: building up my blog, and finding an internship.

My health: working out, and cutting gluten out of my diet.

My mental health: taking care of myself more, meditating, and going to therapy

Traveling: to at least one country (maybe two)

These are what I plan to give the majority of my time to with minor goals thrown in between.

I saw this girl on TikTok speak about how she gives each year a theme and I loved that idea so my theme for this year is, My happiness. this year for me is all about focusing on my happiness and not worrying about anyone else’s opinion. I spent so much of last year keeping quiet from those who hurt me in some way but this year I will not allow that in my life. This year I also want to leave those who I felt uncomfortable around in the past, all the people who made rude snarky comments about me, and those who never respected me are all being left in the past.

This year I need to focus on myself because I cannot allow my mental health to take such a decline again. this post is my way of holding myself accountable, this is for me to make sure I stick to the plan I have set out for myself.


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