WFH Starter Pack

Setting up a work-from-home space can definitely add up. When I started assembling my WFH area, I looked to one place I knew I could find ideas from TikTok. I quickly realized that my budget was far less than most of those creators, so while I looked to them for the best “gadgets” I had to search for the best deals elsewhere.

Here is everything I used in my WFH area:

Starting with the base, and the desk. I bought the LAGKAPTEN / ALEX desk from Ikea. I was looking for a desk that was big enough to fit my work laptop, and a monitor while also still having the space to do things like my makeup. I also wanted something with storage and after spending time searching this was the best option for my price range.

For my desk, I also bought organizers for the drawers to keep things organized. These clear organizers I bought from amazon, and I searched really hard to get the most quantity for as low as possible, this one was a pack of 38 for $25.99 (currently has a $4 off coupon). I definitely recommend searching amazon for lower prices on just about everything. For many of the items I purchased, I searched through different sellers on amazon to see which would give me a better bang for my buck.

You can find extension cords anywhere to be honest but I found one on amazon for $12 the price has gone up but I do recommend it because of the length of the cord it has USB ports and a USB C port which comes in handy for charging my mac devices.

A desk mat is not necessary but I found it made my devices a lot more stable on my desk. This is another one of those items I definitely recommend searching through different sellers on amazon to find the best deal.

I never knew desk chairs were so expensive, I had my heart on a pink chair but quickly humbled myself once I saw the prices of them. This chair from Walmart works perfectly fine, was, it’s comfortable and gets the job done, and for $79.87 it’s a steal.

Although there are still desk accessories I want to get suck as a monitor stand, phone stand, etc. Your girl was on a budget putting this together and I hope this shows that you don’t have to shell out a crap ton of money putting together a WFH space.


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