Although I’m still on this “finding my style” journey I wanted to share how my style has changed so far over the years.

In high school you could not tell me that some dark blue jeans and a printed t-shirt didn’t look fire, that is literally all I wore anytime I had to dress up


When I got to college I told myself I would break out of my shell and wear so many new things and boy did I lie to myself. Not only did I lie to myself the way I dress got worse. My daily outfit consisted of a hooded sweatshirt, my blue jeans that were still to be that been wearing since high school, and my superstars. Granted this was a time I was at my lowest mentally but what was I thinking?

These were the only pictures I didn’t detele

When I decided to take a year off school and started to really get into fashion, things started out really slow but I was getting there. I threw out those blue jeans THANK GOODNESS, got rid of of all my sweatshirts, and started getting clothes that fit me even got bras that fit right.

It wasn’t until lockdown when I started online shopping that I started to buy a lot more clothes fitted to my “ideal style” lockdown gave me a lot of time to reflect and I started taking notice of what I actually felt good in. I once again got rid of even more clothes, BTW by getting rid of I mean gave away or sold

When it comes to style and fashion no one wakes up and knows exactly what they want or how they want to dress. it takes time and patience and truthfully it takes getting to know yourself it’s been four years of me trying to understand what I like and how I like to dress and what my style is, but it was all the process.

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