I want to shout out my BFF Samantha for this new series I want to start on my blog

In this series I will chose one item and style an entire outfit off of that one item.

For the first post, I chose this Zara top. I chose a darker blue pant to have a monochromatic look. The blouse will be tucked into the pant and belted with beautifully studded belt. I wanted to keep the shoes simple with these low mules, I loved the round heel.

For accessories, I chose long drop earrings, I wanted silver jewelry to match the belt but also felt like the blue would bounce off the silver. I want the ring and bracelets to match the look of the outfit so I choose these two silver jewelry with blue diomonds.

I am sorry I didn’t link any of the items but I had these styles in my phones before the birth of this series so I don’t have the links or any of the names but I promise next time I will add them.

I hope you all enjoyed the first part of my series. If there are any pieces you all want to be styles send them to me on Instagram at @setyr.a.

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