My Fav Trousers

Maybe calling these “the best” is overkill but I have found these to be some of my favorite trousers so far. These are all trousers that I feel are worth the money but are not breaking the bank so they are what I would consider affordable just based on the quality.

First up we have Zara. Zara trousers are honestly my all-time favorite, they are cute, and stylish and come in more than the standard black and cream. Of the entire time I worked at Zara, these were one of only two good things about this job. If you are petite and have a short torso like me, I definitely recommend getting them tailored.

Pant one color range

Next on the list we have Abrocombie. I will admit I don’t personally own a pair from them but I have heard a such good thing I know I will be eventually buying. They have a wide range of colors and styles which in my book is a plus. To make things even better they offer different lengths which make my 5’1 and 3/4 self really happy.

Last, H&M, I love their trouser selection colorful (clearly I love all things color), with different fits and styles. The pink style below is a fav because it has elastic in the waste which avoids that annoying gap we all hate.


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