College is over, So What Now?

This past fall I completed my final semester of college and have had to adjust to the life that comes after.

While my friends are still in school or finishing up their final years of school, I have just entered what many have named “the real world”. Adjusting to post-grad life has been a very awkward experience for me, logically I know I am finished with school, I do not have any assignments due, and finally got the chance to delete canvas off my phone (thank god) but at the same time there are moments I find myself looking for the app to see what might be due. I mean I’m even having nightmares about assignments I am missing. It’s so strange all of my friends are getting spring breaks while I am entering the workforce.

The best way for me to describe this period of my life is in one word AWKWARD, I am at a loss as to what I am meant to be doing. I know I’m supposed to get a job, check, I am meant to start saving, soon to be checked, but what else am I supposed to be doing.

I feel like I got lucky because I got a two-month mental break between finishing school and starting work which gave me so much time to rest and relax and honestly regroup not just from the fall semester but from every, fall, spring AND, summer semester. I have never felt so good just doing nothing and if possible I truly recommend everyone take that break between finishing school and working. I was in a position where I had a job secured which made that time even more relaxing. but now that I am all relaxed out and have started working I am back to wondering WHAT NOW?

I keep seeing tik toks that say the ages between 22-27/28 and it is so true and it’s something I’ve been saying since I was 18. When I was a teenager I know what I was looking forward to, my ages had a milestone, 18 an adult, and 21 you can legally drink, now that those have past I’m wondering whats next. its a long way to 30 (which I am certainly not rushing) but my question still stands what are my milestones now that I’ve turned 18, can legally drink, graduated school, and got a job.

I learned that I am driven by motivation so what is my motivation now?


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