Law Roach Retired???

Law Roach announced his retirement from the industry today, and while we don’t know if this is SZA’s type of retirement it sure as hell had much talking.

The topic of putting respect on his name flooded my tik tok feed. This man styled just about everyone and every look he touched went viral at one point. just at this past Oscars alone he stayed booked and busy. Many, myself included were shocked by his news of retirement, he is extremely talented and has an eye for styling I don’t think many stylists truly have. he’s able to tell a story with his selections that also represent and matches the person he is dressing.

If this retirement is true it will be a complete loss to the fashion industry. Even with his, dressing some of the biggest names there is still a lack of respect given to him which we all know he deserves. The LV show was the biggest proof of that. We all know it’s not uncommon for black folks to not their the respect they deserve within any industry but this one really had me stunned.

This man has done so much for fashion and styling and I truly hope that he gets the respect he deserves and has the right to have.


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