2022 fashion trends

Fashion week has ended and I am going to be very honest I’m excited about fashion this year.

Something I took notice of this season was how original those who attended fashion week were. Every year we get to see so much originality from designers but for me personally, this is the first season I felt there was a surge in people who just didn’t give a **** and wore what they wanted. Which to me was the real show.

This year I think we will see even more of that creativity and originality from everyone. check out watching New york on Instagram and NYC trends on tic tok to see a few of the looks from this season.

Here are three trends I paid the most attention to this year:

It’s a fight between the Mini and Maxi skirt and to be honest, I’m here for both. I am excited to see how they are styled for this upcoming year.

Clogs are back and here to stay? I’m at odds with this trend because part of me wants to see how they are styled by the new generation but the other part of me wants them buried and never seen again

Personally, I am scared of stripes because stripes and big boobs just don’t work but I’m excited to see how they are going to make their comeback during the year.


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