Styling oversized button-downs

Although I’m not always a fan of oversized clothing every once in a while they do come in handy so here are three ways I love to style them.

First, step is getting an oversized button-down, I recommend getting a men’s shirt I find that at least for me they always fit a lot better than women’s oversized tops. Here is one from American eagle where I got mine from but you can get yours from whatever store you like.

With this top, I decided to keep the button down as is but add a tight vest over to make it more fitted to my body. This allowed me to give this piece a new shape.

A great way to work around the fit of something oversized is simply DIY. With this button-down, I decided to crop the top and put in elastic. And even though it is still oversized in the arms it now felt like a whole new top.

Lastly, another way to work around an oversized top is to play with it. Here I decided to tuck it into my jeans. This was simple through on and go that made it seem like I tried even though I didn’t.


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