Retail SUCKs

I was 17 when I got my first ever job working retail, I am 21 now, and let me just say this shit isn’t it. I never want to dog on anyone chosen profession but working in retail/customer service is not it.

My first ever was at a Sears an hour by bus away from my house (it actually never felt that long to be honest). But that was my first ever legit job where I had to fill out paperwork and was put on payroll and it was the first I had ever experienced what my mom would come home and talk about.

When you are shopping in a store you never really get to see and hear all that is going on in the background but when you start working at the said store and you start to wonder how they even managed to open the doors every day. I worked at sears for about 4 months and in those four-month, I got placed in a “love triangle” that I wanted nothing to do with and was very confused about, AND I had my debit card stolen by the same boy I was placed in a love triangle with because I told him I never wanted him if you wanted to know he used my money to subscribe to a ps4 or some gaming thing subscription. this was just my first taste of what the real working world was truly like.

It’s funny how much you learn about yourself when you start working, after quitting sears for a very obvious reason I got a job working at a pretty well known children’s clothing store, I am choosing not to say the name because I don’t want any issues, but I worked here for about 6 months. I thought I would like this job because it was a slower pace, even though I worked at sears when they were in decline so it wasn’t all that busy there, this clothing store was mind numbly slow. it got to the point where they literally had me cleaning scuff marks because there was nothing to do and I realized I couldn’t do a job where I wasn’t working. I needed to be moving and make the money I was gonna make worth it. I also made no money from this job and the managers were hella racist.

I could go on for days on all the jobs I have had and I probably will in another post.

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