My Favorite Pieces in my Wardrobe

I have a very unusual attachment to a lot of my clothes but there are some pieces that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give up. These are the pieces that will go anywhere I go:

My cowboy boots:

I bought these boots before they became a huge trend and honestly, they are my favorite thing my money ever bought. I will literally wear these any chance I get.

Cropped Sweater:

I got this sweater from the thrift store years ago, cropped it, and put elastic in the waist and since then I have worn the hell out of this and it has been a key feature in my wardrobe for like two years


I thrifted this vest last year before lockdown and I have been obsessed with it ever since. Best $7 I have spent.

Turtlenecks and Platform:

I’m putting these two together because it’s a picture of two of my favorite pieces. I love turtlenecks, especially in the winter. The platform oxfords I bought on sale from dolls kill and I seriously love these shoes to wear on my “bummy” days.

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