Favorite work-out set

I’m going to be very honest I have not been working out lately but as it is something I am trying to get back into I wanted to share a few of the sets I have collected. And plus there is no better motivation than having something cute to wear as you get all sweaty.


A few months back I did a blog post all about my favorite sports bras for big-busted women where I spoke about aerie and in this post I had those same sports bras but with the matching bottoms. 

I love each of these sets and totally recommend it if you are looking for a cute workout set. I even through in pictures of my two favorites with lounge bottoms that match 


I only have one set from asos and I do like this set I recommend sizing down in their workout clothes. I liked this set but I bought it too big so it was unflattering for me but it was super soft and was comfortable to wear all day.

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