My Thrift Tips

If you know me, you know I love thrifting. My mother has been taking me to thrift stores since as long as I could remember and I have a few tips I follow and wanted to share for anyone else who loves to thrift or wants to start thrifting.

TIP 1: Make a list.

This list can be really vague or really specific but just make a list of items you know you definitely are looking to find and items you would like to find but are not actively looking for. Obviously you don’t have to stick to the list or even make a physical list but I find it just helps me go with a clear mindset of what I need/want.

TIP 2: Check every aisle.

I always take a walk through every aisle just because people are always putting things in the wrong place and who knows you could find that top you are looking for in the middle of the kids section. I also recommend glancing over every aisle because you just don’t want to miss out on an item because you decided to skip an aisle.

TIP 3: Inspect each piece.

Remember this is the thrift store where items could be covered in stains you may not see at first glance. If there is a mark you think you can get out then by all means get it but just because this is the thrift store does not mean you have to buy a stained item.

TIP 4: Try on if you can.

The thrift store is filled with so many items from different times or places where sizing could have been completely different than you are used to. If you are able and comfortable please try on because the tag may say size 10 but it’s actually a modern day size 6 (speaking from multiple experiences). Most thrift stores don’t allow returns.

TIP 5: Be considerate.

This may be a really weird tip but I have seen so many young super skinny girls buying “oversized” jeans, sweaters, etc. just to cut them and make them smaller when they could have just sourced a smaller size. Many plus size women and men shop the thrift stores and it is very frustrating when they can’t find their sizes because you just had to do a DIY. Please remember the thrift stores are also for those who can’t afford fashion brands in retail stores so this is their only way of buying clothes so be considerate of that.


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