What am I Majoring in?

With school starting, I’m not even going to lie, my next probably two to three posts are going to be boring. With trying to get back in the routine of school and trying to finish my last few summer classes I haven’t been able to even take pictures for the blog.  

But with school starting, I wanted to make a post that didn’t require much and I also wanted to make a post discussing why I decided on my major.

All my life I’ve loved clothes, which I’m sure you could tell, but I hadn’t realized my true love for it until I took the year off from my first year of college. Initially starting college I was so sure I wanted to be a teacher looking back now I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a teacher because I genuinely wanted to or because I was convinced it was a sensible path.

After my first year though I just knew it wasn’t for me. My journey became even more defined after I bought my first sewing machine. Now I’m not going to be the next Christian Siriano or vera wang but when I bought that sewing machine and I started to use it I knew that I loved clothes. I love the feel of silk, and the stretch of cotton, and the seeress of a good place. I just knew this was for me.

So I decided to re-enroll but this time as a fashion studies major. For a while, I thought I wanted fashion design but ultimately decided fashion styling was more my style. I love it when my friends and family ask me to dress them and I especially love shopping so why not a career that has both. 

Currently, I have to wait until my senior year to intern but I am looking to get into a styling job so I can have a little taste of what this career entails. 

This was super short and probably confusing but I do plan to explain more in my upcoming posts so stay tuned.

ps. follow my instagram I am on day 10 of posting for the next 30 days

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