Trends I Think Are Horrible

I am 100% sure everyone has fashion trends they just can’t get behind. Please do not take offense to this list this is my own personal opinion. This isn’t to bash those trends because everyone had their own kind of taste but here’s a list of trends I will never understand 

Sneakers with dresses, now I know heels aren’t for everyone hell I love them but I also try to wear them as little as possible but heels with a nice fancy dress? Come on, I can somewhat excuse a casual dress but other than that no. also when I say sneakers I mean shoes like Jordans a nice pair of white sneakers are allowed with me but Jordans are a hell no.

Okay, I’ve discussed my absolute love bags but the dumpling bags I just don’t understand. I’m not even gonna front I’ve seen a few designs that I don’t mind but I don’t see myself owning one of these pouches.

Printed t-shirts are great for kids and high schools but after a while, a t-shirt with “but first I need coffee” is absolutely stupid for an adult.

Festival fashion is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen specifically the jeans and tank with glitter stuff.  That’s all I have to say about that.

I hate high low skirts or “mullet skirts” like why just choose a length there’s no outfit that makes me think oh yeah a high low skirt would look cute with this.

I’m going to end this here but lastly I think people need to stop buying THIN leggings I don’t mind the wearing of leggings but come one make sure your ass isn’t showing.

There are so many more trends I despise but these are just a few that I cringe seeing. like i stated in the beginning this is my very own person opinion so please don’t get offended.

comment some trends you hate.


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