My Fashion Wishlist

Everyone has that a list of things that they just want to own it can be a list of types of houses you want to own or even a list of pets you want a list everyone has an idea of things they want. In today’s blog post I wanted to share my Fashion List. These are items that I eventually want to buy myself It’s going to be a mix of designer and then random items that I want.

Starting big, if you follow my Instagram and read my last blog post you would know one of my favorite things on the planet are handbags and one of the two designer bags I want to down is the Dior saddlebag. It’s just of those bags I need to own. Another bag I want to own is the Fendi baguette just because it’s a classic that I want to have.

Although this isn’t a specific item I want to ween out skinny jeans from my day to day wardrobe. Even though I obviously will wear my skinny jeans but after going months without having to put one on due to ms. Rona, I’ve realized they are so constricting. So I definitely want to invest in some more loose-fitting jeans like a boyfriend, or mom.

I want to have more black-owned brands in my closet and I definitely want to start shopping black-owned brands really soon.

I love shoes that can be worn with just about everything so a few pairs of shoes i would love to add to my collection are the Jacquemus Jacquemus White ‘Les Chaussures Jacques’ Heels, and the Chanel ballerina slim backs.

Another item on this wish list has less to do with a physical item and more to do with my mental state but I really want to be able to dress more freely. Even though I tend to dress how I want I have noticed that around certain people I won’t dress in the clothes I like but in the clothes, I know they won’t judge me in.

I’m sure there are so many more things to add to this list but maybe I’ll make another list in the future sharing more items I wish to own. 

What are some of thing things on your dream list? I doesn’t matter what type of list it is from, share it with me.

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