My favorite thrift store finds

I’ve always been a cheap person so when my mother started to take my sister I to the thrift stores it was like I was in clothes heaven. Over the years it went from me being cheap to me realizing thrifting is so much more than cheap used clothes. For me, thrifting has become an actual part of my monthly routine. I love going there and seeing and finding things you either can’t find in stores anymore or just something you really want looking for. I wanted to share a few of my favorite thrift store finds.


It is rare for me to go to the thrift and find a pair of shoes but I love these two so much I wanted to share.


I’ve had a hard time finding skirts that I really liked at the thrift store that didn’t look weird on me or that I really liked but these few I loved so I wanted to share


Shopping for tops is something I struggle with a lot especially in the thrift store because its hard to find tops that fit my boobies so I tend to go for things I can crop or DIY or things that I can turn into tops.

This sweater I found on a random thrift day and I love it I usually wear it as a top because of cuter that way. I actually don’t know what this pink top is called but it reminds me a lot of the early 00s I usually pair it with a tank top underneath.


You can find so many different types of bottoms at a thrift store and one thing I love finding is a good pair of mom jeans.

I definitely have more things I can share with you all. Let me know if you want me to share more of my finds. One way to stay up to date on all my thrift finds is to follow my Instagram I also post my favorite thrift store finds each time I go and I also have a highlight so you can take a peek at that. comment if you have anything you have that you love from the thrift store and maybe shoot me a dm of it.

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