What I brought during Ms. rona

Anyone who knows me knows that my second home is the thrift store. I try to go three or four times a month but since Ms. Rona came around I wasn’t able to go. which led me to do some online shopping. Before these last few months, I truly didn’t remember the last time I shopped at online retail stores but I retook my online shopping virginity during the lockdown. 

Two stores I have been loving are H&M and ASOS. I did only buy dresses and tops mainly because I see the pants I like. I love the simples that H&M has and the pops of color and dress from ASOS.

Sidenote: I bought a size medium or 8 in everything.


I love me a good dress. It’s literally an outfit in one, what’s not to love? They are comfortable and convenient but I won’t give you a speech on why I love dresses i’ll leave that for another post here are a few of the dresses I’ve bought during the pandemic


This isn’t a dress but it is the only romper I bought so I thought I would add it in here. It’s so summery and simple, it’s out of my comfort zone but so cute.
I bought this dress in orange but don’t sell that color anymore, I recommend to size down in this dress.


Right off the bat size down, to be honest, this dress isn’t one of my favorites but it’s great for around the house
Even though this dress is out of stock if you could find one like it GET IT I’ve only tried it on and worn it around the house but UGH it is gorgeous on especially with the puff sleeves. It doesn’t have stretch so I would recommend sizing up.

Once again this is out of stock but the sleeves of this dress are what drew me to it. They are so extras and I cannot wait to take pictures in it.


When it comes to tops I love a good basic they go with pretty much anything and are great just to have and you can never have too many. 


I decided to put all these tops together because they are all pretty much basics. When it comes to tops I love a good basic they go with pretty much anything and are great just to have and you can never have too many. 



Thought this top would be such a cute crop top to own and it is. I definitely recommend sizing up.

Some ASOS items I couldn’t get pictures of so sorry.

There you have it, the items I’ve bought during the pandemic. I’ve bought a few things that aren’t clothes but I’ll share those in another post.

comment your favorite stores to shop at below.


2 thoughts on “What I brought during Ms. rona

  1. Loved the items you got and can’t wait to see how you style them. I haven’t bought any clothes yet during the Rona but I have gotten some skincare products. I would love for you to share a skincare routine or recommendations.

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